American Veterans for Ukraine Condemns Barbaric Russian Attack on Kyiv Children’s Hospital



American Veterans for Ukraine Condemns Barbaric Russian Attack on Kyiv Children’s Hospital, Welcomes NATO to Washington, Calls for More American Support

Co-Founder Bonnie Carroll to Speak at NATO Conference in Washington on Wednesday, Co-Founder Nolan Peterson Is On The Ground in Kyiv Now

WASHINGTON, DC and Kyiv, Ukraine, July 8, 2024: Today, in response to a barrage of barbaric missile attacks targeting five cities across Ukraine and the Okhmatdyt children’s hospital in the capital, American Veterans for Ukraine (AVU) issued the following statement: 

“American Veterans for Ukraine condemns this shameful and criminal attack in the strongest terms possible. There is nothing more despicable than killing and hurting children. But this is what Russia continues to do every day across Ukraine. Today is a painful reminder that the world–and America in particular–must do more to respond and prevent future attacks on the children of Ukraine. 

American Veterans for Ukraine calls on all our fellow veterans across America to condemn this latest disgusting attack, again stand with the children of Ukraine, and support charities on the ground in any way possible.

In addition, we strongly welcome our NATO allies and the Ukrainian delegation to America later this week. We encourage President Biden and all American lawmakers to do all they can to send additional support to the Ukrainian people to help them better defend their cities–and especially the children who live in them. 

AVU also calls on the Biden administration to listen to Ukrainian leaders’ calls to further reduce restrictions on the use of U.S. weapons on military targets inside Russia. We didn’t tie one hand behind our back after we were attacked on 9/11. It’s ridiculous to demand Ukraine to do that now.

Following American Independence Day last week, the United States must send the strongest message possible that we will fully support the Ukrainian people in this time of struggle to preserve their independence. 

AVU wants the Ukrainian people to know that we stand strongly with them again now in this time of need. 

We have your back now–and will continue to have your back until Victory. No matter how long it takes.”

AVU Co-Founder Bonnie Carroll will speak at the NATO conference this week in Washington to underscore the need for more action to support Ukraine.

Founder and President of the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS), TAPS Ukraine, Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipient. A retired USAFR Major and also the surviving spouse of an Army Officer, Bonnie and TAPS International have been working with Ukraine since 2014 when the US State Department asked TAPS to assist Ukraine in developing a program to support the families of the military deceased from conflict in the Donbas region of Ukraine that had started in 2014.

Since the start of the Russian war in Ukraine in February 2022, TAPS International and its sister organization TAPS Ukraine have been on the ground providing support to Ukrainian soldiers, internally displaced people, families who’ve lost a loved one and all those suffering in the conflict.

In 2023, TAPS opened the Ukraine Resilience Center in Dnipro. ​​The facility offers grief and trauma counseling and emotional support, provides resilience-building workshops and training programs, creates a safe space for families and individuals to share their stories and heal together, and is a hub for humanitarian aid and volunteer efforts supporting critical needs. This Center for TAPS Ukraine is more than just a new facility; it’s a beacon of hope and a promise that no one has to walk the journey of loss alone.

AVU Co-Founder Nolan Peterson continues to live and work on the ground in Ukraine and is there now to help bring attention to the urgency of the cause.

Nolan Peterson is a former US Air Force special operations pilot and a veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and nonresident senior fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Eurasia Center. He is an independent defense consultant, award-winning journalist, war correspondent, and author who has lived in Ukraine since 2014.

AVU Co-Founder Adrian Bonenberger recently authored an Op-ed on the subject of America reducing restrictions on Ukraine for The Hill, titled Let Ukraine use Western arms against any Russian military target”.

Bonenberger is an author, reporter and editor for and others, Founding Member of Yale University Veterans Association, and a US Army Veteran. His wife, Iryna Solomko, is a correspondent for Voice of America’s Ukrainian Service. After helping his wife’s elderly parents escape Ukraine after the invasion, Adrian has made multiple trips to Ukraine with other American veterans to train and support Ukrainian forces on the ground.

AVU Co-Founders Paul Rieckhoff and Matt Gallagher are also available for comment. 

AVU’s esteemed advisory committee and supporters include Sebastian Junger

Bestselling Author, Admiral James Stavridis USN (Ret) and 16th Supreme Allied Commander of NATO, Maryland Governor Wes Moore, Yuriy Boyechko of Hope for Ukraine, General David Petraeus US Army (Ret.), former Commander of the Surge in Iraq, US Central Command, and Coalition/US Forces in Afghanistan, and former Director of the CIA, Craig Renaud Peabody Award Winning Filmmaker, Renaud Brothers Films, Founder, Brent Renaud Foundation, William McNulty, Head Of Mission, White Stork, USMC Veteran, Uriel Epshtein

CEO, Renew Democracy Initiative, Malcolm Nance Executive Director, Terrorist Asymmetrics Project, US Navy Intelligence Veteran, Ukrainian Army Legionnaire, and Katherine Semenyuk, a TAPS Combat Medic and Ukrainian-American military chaplain who on the first day of the Russian invasion, gave birth to her fifth child in a bunker, embodying the spirit of survival and determination and others. 

American Veterans for Ukraine’s mission is to connect, unite and empower American veterans in support of Ukraine’s victory. Learn more at

American Veterans for Ukraine – Inaugural conference – May 23, 2024 – video

In advance of Memorial Day in the United States at a historic event at Ukraine House in Washington, D.C., five leading voices from the American veterans community announced the formation of a groundbreaking new veterans organization focused on supporting victory in Ukraine. The new group, American Veterans for Ukraine (AVU), can now be found online at

AVU is an American, non-partisan, non-profit organization with a clear mission: connecting, uniting and empowering American veterans to support victory for Ukraine. 

AVU’s two lines of effort to ensure that mission is accomplished are:

1. Driving public support for Ukraine.

2. Protecting continued US government funding for the fight.
The American veterans community already overwhelmingly supports Ukraine. A poll of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) members revealed that Post-9/11 veterans hold strong support for Ukraine. And an overwhelming majority of almost 80% of veterans surveyed support Ukraine or are neutral.

Speakers included AVU Founders, Paul Rieckhoff, Bonnie Carroll, Nolan Peterson and Adrian Bonenberger, Hope for Ukraine CEO, Yuriy Boyechko, Co-Founder of TAPS Ukraine and reserve Lieutenant in the Ukrainian military, Yuliya Dmytrova, as well as Katherine Semenyuk, a Ukrainian American military chaplain who first day of the Russian invasion, gave birth to her fifth child in a bunker, embodying the spirit of survival and determination. A video statement was also presented from Admiral James Stavridis, USN (Ret) and 16th Supreme Allied Commander of NATO.