AVU receives endorsement of former NATO Commander Admiral James Stavridis

We are proud to be endorsed by Admiral Stavridis and invite you to join the fight.

“I am a huge fan of Paul Rieckhoff…as well as this new effort, American Veterans for Ukraine. What a terrific and timely idea. I can’t think of a more important geopolitical cause than that of defending Ukraine against an unwarranted illegal human rights violation-filled invasion of that country by the dictator Vladimir Putin.

It is imperative, in my view, that the voices of veterans collectively have come together to create the American Veterans for Ukraine movement. It is imperative that all of our voices as veterans rise up because we know the consequences. We have seen war. We have seen unjust war. We have seen the kind of activities that could lead to a complete breakdown in the global order.

Putin must be stopped. Unfortunately, not all Americans understand the enormous implications of what is occurring in that corner of Europe. Fortunately, both our European allies and recently the U.S. Congress have stepped up to provide billions of dollars in much needed military aid. No one other than our veteran community has a deeper understanding of what is at stake about the technical aspects of how Ukraine needs to fight. And therefore, the twin missions of American Veterans for Ukraine–which include both supporting these efforts for Ukraine but also raising awareness, sponsoring trips to Ukraine, helping in every capacity here in the United States to make sure the electorate understands the stakes–all of that is absolutely critical. So for all who are attending events and conducting various activities and engaging with American veterans for Ukraine, I salute you. I look forward to being personally involved in this, alongside my friend and fellow veteran Paul Rieckhoff and the leaders that are engaged in this extraordinary project.”

Admiral James Stavridis
USN (Ret) and 16th Supreme Allied Commander of NATO